Friday, May 9, 2014

YRSC Blog 9th May
The boys survived the game drive and were lucky enough to see lions. It was cold but the sun soon warmed them up. There was another rotation of activities this morning to complete everyone's experience. The afternoon had the final two discussions with a time to reflect on the highs and lows of the week. These have been passed on to the organisers for their own debrief. Everyone is now cooking their supper in the traditional potjiekos pot. This evening it is the closing ceremony in number one uniform so we will see how clean the white shirts look. I am sure there will be a few tears as people say good bye to their new friends. Emails addresses will be swapped and promises to keep in touch made.
We are on a bus at 7am tomorrow and will visit a lion park before we reach the airport. I am sure that we will not have any bother sleeping in the planes tomorrow as we fly back rough the night. If the connections go well we will be in school by 1:30 on Sunday afternoon. There will be plenty more stories to tell.
Student led Baraza.

The potjiekos pot

Everyone making dinner.

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