Monday, May 5, 2014

YRSC Blog 5th May
After a good nights sleep all four Aiglon students looked a lot more awake this morning than they did last night. They split into their Baraza groups of 18 to 20 students. Each group had 2 young leaders and their camp discovery facilitator. The morning had a rotation of 4 activities and between our 4 students they did Bush first aid, discussed animal extinction, played with water balloons, made sandwiches for the local school and tried their hand at archery. In the afternoon everyone moved around 12 stations on the camp obstacle course and worked as a team to complete each obstacle.  Before dinner they sat down in their groups and discussed various issues relating to their international group. This evening they have been out watching the stars and chatting around the campfire. Tomorrow is an early start as we are heading for Pretoria at 6:30am so it's off to bed a little earlier tonight.

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