Tuesday, May 6, 2014

YRSC Blog 6th May
It was dark at 5:30 as we all got up. It was also a bit cooler than yesterday. Everyone had breakfast then joined their group on one of the ten coaches heading for Pretoria. It was rush hour when we arrived so we had plenty of time to see the city life. Our first stop was the 9m high statue of Nelson Mandela just outside the Union Buildings. Well done to the organisers who got almost 300 people together at his feet for a big photo which is already on the Young Round Square Facebook page. Pretoria is preparing for a new high speed bus service in the city by digging up most of the roads in the centre. We eventually got through town to the Voortrekker Monument where we learned of some of the pioneer days history of South Africa in the mid 19th century. We finished a busy morning in the Freedom Park. This peaceful site on top of a hill on the edge of Pretoria commemorates all those who died in the struggle for freedom in the country over the last few hundred years. It was a well thought out monument and I am sure peaceful, when you do not have over 200 children visiting.
We travelled to Dainfern College after a picnic. The school band greeted us as did the mums and staff catering group who laid on a wonderful spread of food and drink. We had time for a leg stretch before going into their auditorium for an inspirational lecture on Nelson Mandela. More games were organised while the teachers had a further lecture on African politics. Then it was dinner and back to Camp Discovery for a good nights sleep.
My apologies to parents of the Aiglon 4 if they have not phoned home. They are very busy people but are all looking very well. I am having trouble uploading photos tonight but will do so tomorrow.

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