Wednesday, May 7, 2014

YRSC Blog 7th May
This morning there was another rotation of 4 activities. The raft builders found out how difficult it was to work on such a big construction, the target was hit a few times by the arrows, the drums were beaten, first aid was learned and a very large pile of sandwiches was made? After lunch we were shown various snakes and taught many interesting facts about them.
Many of the discussions are student led. The various groups had to discuss and devise a pledge to take back to their school. This had to do with some aspect of the Endangered topic that is the theme of the conference. Our thirteen year old coordinator did very well but claimed afterwards that she did not want to be a teacher when she grew up because it was so difficult when the group did not give her their full attention.
Before dinner there was time to experiment with e-balls that were going to be introduced later. In the evening we were all in the big tent to hear a presentation on 'The Rhino Ride' , 'The E Ball', Kwalata project and a project to supply computers to schools where children have never even touched one. All projects can be found on the Internet. The African days have been warm but the evening was becoming quite cool by the end of the talks so it was great to get up and be taught some African dancing by a very energetic group of dancers.
The evening ended with our girls going out on a sleep out on the edge of the camp ground under the stars. They have a special space surrounded by a natural brush fence that they use for a group every night. I joined them. With clear skies we were glad of the sleeping bags that the camp lent us but would have loved to have our 4-season bags that we use at school. We did however have a wonderful sky to look up to.
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